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Investing with crypto - how is the conversion price determined?

We display an estimated price as you are going through the investment flow [read more]. If you deposit crypto into your CoinList wallet immediately after finishing this step, it will likely be close to the actual conversion rate. However, we cannot guarantee this - conversion rates are determined by the market and can change quickly. 

Once we receive crypto, we will initiate the conversion and our liquidity partners provide a conversion price. CoinList selects the best price from among the offers. This is the price you will receive.

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Investing with crypto - what if I don’t like the price provided by CoinList?

By using the conversion services, you are agreeing in advance to the final price determined by CoinList. If you would like to control the conversion price, please convert any crypto to USD or USDC prior to initiating the investment. 

Investing with crypto - how do I determine my final investment amount?

If you invested with USD or USDC, your investment amount will be the same amount as your investment less any applicable wire or network fees (not charged by CoinList).

If you invested with BTC or ETH, your final price and investment amount is determined once the conversion is executed and you receive a confirmation. Your final investment amount will be the converted amount of USD or USDC less the applicable fees. 

Your investment is not confirmed until after the payment is received and you complete all the required documentation.  

Investing with crypto - do I need to do anything to complete the conversion?

No - when you invest in a Token Sale on CoinList with crypto, we will automatically convert your crypto into the currencies that are being accepted by the issuer. Once you have transferred the crypto, you do not need to perform any further actions and will receive an email confirmation. If you do not wish to have CoinList Markets LLC convert your crypto you may convert your cryptocurrency elsewhere and use such converted currency instead.

Why was my crypto converted?

All investments done via CoinList are denominated in USD, and so regardless of whether someone pays with crypto or USD, we will denominate your investment in USD (or USDC). You can read about how we determine a conversion rate at

In many cases, issuers want to allow investors to participate with crypto but do not want to hold crypto on their balance sheets. In those cases, CoinList will convert your investment into USD (or another cryptocurrency that the issuer wants to hold).

Investing with Crypto: What is the estimated price?

When you start the investment flow, we show you an estimated conversion rate from crypto. This price is not final and may not reflect the actual investment amount. Your final price is determined once the conversion is executed. For example, if you wait 30 minutes to send BTC after completing the investment flow, the price may have gone up or down in that time. Once we receive your crypto transaction, we will send an email confirmation specifying the price at which we converted your crypto into USD or USDC, the fees charged by CoinList Markets LLC as well as your final investment amount.

Which types of currency can I invest with on CoinList?

You can invest with US dollars, Bitcoin, Ether, or USD-C. 

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