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Can I trade my unvested FIL?

No, you may not trade your unvested FIL. You can only trade available FIL and it must be in your CoinList Pro account. CoinList will claim your FIL from your vesting actor once per day, and then it will be available to trade. 

Other Filecoin Questions

I didn’t purchase Filecoin in the original sale, do I still have a filecoin wallet?

Yes, all CoinList users who are eligible for CoinList Wallets will automatically have a Filecoin wallet in their account upon mainnet launch. 

You may deposit Filecoin at any time post-mainnet launch to store your Filecoin or use CoinList Pro.

There are no fees for storing your Filecoin on CoinList.

I signed up for 3rd party custody, but now want to use CoinList wallets. Can I switch?

Yes. The Filecoin network allows you to transfer the private keys of your vesting actor. Please contact your custody provider and visit our Help Center to start this process. There may be additional fees associated with this action. 

When will Filecoin first show up in my wallet?

Assuming a stable network, CoinList will enable wallets within 2-7 hours after mainnet launch, and CoinList will sweep your vested FIL into your CoinList wallet. For the first 24-48 hours post-mainnet launch these sweeps will be performed approximately once every 5 hours.

I signed up for CoinList Wallets, but now want to use a third party custodian or self-custody. Can I switch?

Yes. You may switch from using CoinList to manage your distribution to a self-custody or a 3rd party custodian. This process is manual and may require up to 3 weeks to process and includes a $500 processing fee incurred by Gemini. You will have to withdraw any already vested Filecoin in your CoinList wallet after the transfer has been processed. 

Please visit our Help Center if you wish to transfer your vesting actor. 

How frequently does my vested Filecoin become available in my wallet?

Your vested Filecoin will be swept from the vesting actor to your CoinList wallet daily. This happens automatically and there are no actions required by you. This cadence may change over time depending on network conditions and costs. For the first 24-48 hours post-mainnet launch these sweeps will be performed approximately once every 5 hours. The minimum amount that will be swept each day will be 0.5 FIL. 

I am using CoinList Wallets through a sub-account with Gemini. What CoinList services do I have access to?

If you are using a Gemini sub-account through CoinList Wallets, you have full functionality to store, withdraw, and deposit Filecoin through You are not able to trade Filecoin on CoinList at this time. Once we have the appropriate licensure, we will give you the opportunity to switch from a Gemini sub-account to a full CoinList account. 

Are there fees to withdraw Filecoin from my CoinList Wallet?

There is no withdrawal fee for Filecoin; however, users must pay network fees to withdraw their Filecoin. This network fee is determined by Gemini Custody and may change from time to time. Please review for the most up to date information on the current Filecoin Network fees. 

What additional information do I need to provide to use CoinList wallets through a Gemini subaccount?

If you live in a state or territory where we are yet to finalize our licensure, we have provided an alternate solution for CoinList wallets. If you chose to use CoinList Wallets, you will be provided a sub-account at Gemini. Once you complete the additional verification, your holdings will be accessible via your CoinList account. Upon mainnet launch, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your FIL holdings via CoinList but will not be able to trade on CoinList.

In order to get set up with a sub-account, you’ll need to go through Gemini’s verification process. Please follow these instructions:

-If you have a Gemini account associated with this email address, no action is required

-If you do not have a Gemini account, please set one up here: 

-If you have a Gemini account, but it’s under a different email address, please set up a new account using this email address at

Please note that these tokens will be accessible through the CoinList site (and not through Gemini). 

How long do Filecoin deposits take to be credited in my CoinList Wallet?

During the initial network launch, deposits will require  240 confirmations on chain before they are credited to your wallet. This may take up to 2 hours. As the network stabilizes, Gemini and CoinList will decrease the number of confirmations required for deposits and withdrawals.

What happens on mainnet launch and the initial distribution date?

The Filecoin vesting actors will start vesting and transfers will be enabled on the network. Subsequently CoinList will enable deposits and withdrawals. Lastly, CoinList will enable trading across our various services. 

When will additional trading pairs be added for FIL?

FIL/UDST will launch shortly after the FIL/USD orderbook has matured. This may occur anywhere between several hours and several days. We will announce the launch of FIL/USDT via email. 

What is a vesting actor?

A vesting actor is a type of smart contract on the Filecoin blockchain. The vesting actor manages the release and vesting of your original Filecoin purchase. According to the vesting schedule in your SAFT, Filecoin will be released and can be transferred from the vesting actor. Vesting occurs on a block by block basis. 

Are there any limits on order sizes on launch?

No, there are no limits to the order sizes that you may place during the auction or during regular trading. You must have available FIL or USD in CoinList Pro to place an order. 

Mainnet launch and distribution date

The currently scheduled distribution date and main net launch date is October 15, 2020 or more precisely epoch, 148,888. 

Vesting will being immediately upon network launch. CoinList will begin support for wallets and trading shortly thereafter.

What are the fees for trading FIL?

Filecoin trading is subject to the same fee schedule as any other asset on CoinList and CoinList Pro. You can view the up to date fee schedule on 

When will mobile trading and buy/sell be available for FIL?

Mobile trading and buy/sell will be available several hours after the launch of the order book on CoinList Pro. 

Can I use CoinList Wallets if I see that CoinList is not available in my state?

We are currently licensed to operate our wallets and trading in many states. We are working on licensure for the following states and territories:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands, U.S.
  • Washington 

If you reside in one of the above states or territories, please see here for instructions on setting up an account with Gemini:

When will trading open Filecoin?

Filecoin wallets are available now on CoinList. Deposits will be available on mainnet launch at 7:30AM PDT, Thursday, October 15th. FIL deposits will be available at that time. FIL withdrawals will be available after CoinList has sufficiently tested deposits at other exchanges. 

Filecoin trading 

Pre-orders • Open on Wednesday at 10:00pm PT

  • Users can now place FIL-USD pre-orders on CoinList Pro. Prior to mainnet launch, users can only place buy pre-orders with USD.
  • No trade matching will occur during this phase, but at the end of this phase, pre-orders will be considered firm and may be executed when live trading begins.
  • Users will be able to enter, modify and cancel orders, but will not be able to see other users’ bids and offers. 
  • The pre-order phase will last until there is sufficient order book depth for price discovery and trading stability.
  • CoinList will notify users approximately 30-minutes before the end of pre-orders.

Opening Price Calculation • Projected start Thursday 10:15 AM PT

  • After the pre-order phase, the FIL-USD order book on CoinList Pro will be frozen. Users will no longer be able to enter any new orders or cancel existing orders. 
  • CoinList will calculate the opening price at which most orders can be filled.
  • Buy orders at or above the opening price and sell orders at or below the opening price from the pre-order phase will be settled on the basis of price-time priority at the opening price.

Live Trading • Projected start Thursday 10:30 AM PT

  • Once the opening price is calculated, regular trading will be available for FIL-USD on CoinList Pro with full order book and trade matching. 
  • All order types will be accepted and immediately settled.
  • CoinList will display the aggregate volume for successful trades.

  • Soon after live FIL-USD trading stabilizes on CoinList Pro, we will list FIL-USDT. Also, we will open trading on and CoinList Mobile. 

The above timelines are all subject to change to ensure the safety and security of customer funds. CoinList will alert you via email as services become available or if there are significant delays to the above schedule. Please see for more information.

What are my custody options for FIL?

By default, tokens will go to into CoinList Wallets:

  • CoinList Wallets are built on top of world-class custodians to ensure security
  • Custody is free and seamless
  • Plug right into CoinList Pro, which will have one of the deepest markets for FIL trading

If you live in a state that we currently do not support, you can still use CoinList Wallets but we'll require some more information (more information here)

Users can also opt into leading custodians - if you are an existing customer of Anchorage, Coinbase Custody, or Gemini Custody, you can receive your FIL tokens directly into your account with one of those custodians. 

Users can also self-custody (more information here)

CoinList Wallets

Your Filecoin will be held in your CoinList wallet. From there you will be able to transfer, trade, and deposit additional Filecoin vested Filecoin. Your balance of available (vested) Filecoin will be displayed alongside your unvested (unavailable) Filecoin held in your vesting actor. 

Your CoinList wallet is built on Gemini Custody’s infrastructure. When you input a transaction, we pass this information to Gemini for execution. 

There is no fee to store your Filecoin in your CoinList wallet. 

What is the vesting schedule?

Vesting occurs linearly on a block-by-block basis. In each block, an incremental amount of your FIL will become available and claimable according to your individual vesting schedule (6, 12, 24, or 36 months). 

Is there a fee if I custody with CoinList?

There are no fees for using CoinList Wallets to receive your FIL tokens.

When will FIL be listed for trading?

CoinList expects to support FIL trading within hours of mainnet launch.

When is Filecoin mainnet launching?

As of September 17, 2020, we expect Filecoin to launch in the next few weeks. Protocol Labs maintains a public roadmap, which is the best place to look for accurate information.

How do I self-custody my FIL?

In order to self-custody your FIL, please go to and edit your custodian option under 'Distributing To'. You'll want to select Self-Custody. The easiest way to self-custody is to use the 'Glif and Ledger' option, which requires a Ledger hardware wallet. You'll see instructions on setting this up after selecting that option.

Detailed instructions on setting up your Ledger to receive FIL are here:

How does Filecoin (FIL) vesting work?

If you participated in Filecoin's 2017 offering, your FIL will vest linearly on a block-by-block basis starting at mainnet launch, for the duration of your vesting period. For example, if your vesting schedule is 12 months, you will receive FIL on a block-by-block basis and each day receive approximately 1/365 of your FIL .

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