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What if I already have an existing CoinList account?

If you have previously registered with CoinList and submitted a KYC application on our platform, please use your existing account to register with Nomad. After navigating to the registration link, sign in with your CoinList and select your previously verified entity when prompted to - this will take you to the wallet linking step and there is no need to resubmit your information. Linking your KYC information to more than one CoinList account is against our policy.

Other Nomad Wallet Link Questions

How are my wallet addresses kept safe at CoinList?

CoinList takes maintaining the security of user information seriously and stores all user data in secure servers. Information is protected with multiple layers of controls. CoinList utilizes a multi-layered security approach leveraging industry standard security controls such as minimal privilege access design, encryption of data at risk, BCrypt password hashing for user credentials and MFA support, internal use of multi-factor authentication, employee background checks and more.

What if I have multiple wallets that were affected by the hack?

Please note that as of April 20, 2023 CoinList only allows users to select one of their linked wallets during the Nomad Recovery registration flow. While you may link multiple wallets to your CoinList account, only one will be considered by the Nomad team. As a result, please make sure to consolidate your madAssets into a single wallet address before linking.

Users who linked multiple wallets prior to April 20, 2023 will not be affected.

What happens when I unlink my wallet?

When you unlink your wallet, we remove your wallet address and any information related to it from our database. However, CoinList will create a hash using your wallet address in order to identify future multiple linking attempts for security reasons. Unlinked wallet addresses will also be removed from the on-chain Nomad allowlist.

Privacy Policy

You can find CoinList’s privacy policy here.

How do I unlink my wallet?

You can unlink the wallet addresses associated with your accounts at any time here.

What is Wallet Linking?

Wallet Linking is a mechanism that allows you to connect your non-custodial wallet to your CoinList account. This gives CoinList permission to link your wallet address with your KYC verification status and will enable Nomad to allow affected users to access recovered funds in a compliant manner. 

Will I be able to KYC if I live in a country or state not currently supported by CoinList?

Yes, all users will be able to complete a KYC verification check irrespective of their residence, provided users are not associated with OFAC-sanctioned countries. Users who reside in unsupported jurisdictions will be able to access the Nomad Offering link, submit a KYC application, and link their wallet; however, they will not be able to access the CoinList platform (e.g., trading, deposits, staking, token sales).

If you reside in an unsupported jurisdiction and are having trouble completing KYC verification, submit a support ticket here.

Who will CoinList share my address with?

CoinList will share the KYC verification status of accounts and their linked wallet addresses with Nomad to determine eligibility for the recovery of funds. CoinList will not share wallet addresses with any other third parties.

Registration Guide for Nomad's Recovery Effort

Please find a guide to registering and completing KYC for Nomad's recovery efforts here.

Do I need to KYC verify in order to be considered by Nomad for the recovery effort?

Yes. You are required to successfully complete KYC and link/verify an eligible wallet address in order to be considered by Nomad for the recovery effort. If you are using an existing CoinList account and have already KYC-verified on our platform, there is no need to resubmit an application - you will be taken directly to the wallet linking step.

How do I link?

Following KYC verification, you will be prompted to link one or more of your Ethereum wallets using a Metamask or WalletConnect browser extension. The wallet address that you link MUST be the same address that you bridge assets back from (e.g., users with address "" on Evmos can only bridge back to "" on Ethereum - the sending wallet address and receiving wallet address must be the same).

Please note that Wallet Link does not currently support multisig/smart contract wallets. If you are a DAO or individual needing to link a multisig wallet to your KYC’d identity, please reach out to from your Coinlist-associated email and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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